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Hello everyone, and welcome to my web site. My name is Charlie Kerekes and with me is my dog Sam, after whom Flying Sam Digital Photo Guide was named.

I started this web site in 2005 to help digital photo takers show off their pictures. Because I enjoy digital photography so much, I am usually the person going around parties and family gatherings with camera in hand. Over the past two years most of my family and friends have switched from film cameras to digital.

Charlie and Sam

Charlie and Sam

After buying a digital camera, I noticed an interesting realization from my family: "Now that my pictures are in my computer, how do I print them out?"

The question is simple enough and so would be the answer, if the options were not so numerous. In my own research of photo finishing options, I have found many creative ways of putting photos on paper and other medium.

However, my family was not interested in a comprehensive list of pros and cons of the various methods. Instead, they would rather answer a few simple questions and have me provide two or three easy options for them to choose from.

This is precisely the goal of this website—to research digital photo printing and other finishing options, and present the most relevant to new and amateur digital photographers. What is the benefit to you? I spare you the hours of research and provide a few options that hopefully fit exactly what you are looking for.

Welcome to my site, I hope you enjoy your stay.



P.S. Digital photography and traveling in a recreational vehicle (RV) were made for each other. If you are interested in RV's, please visit our other web site on this topic, Changin' Gears. There you can read our story of how we left the big city to become RV fulltimers.