People who enjoy cooking also like to share their recipes with others. Create a unique recipe card with your favorite chef's photo and give it as a gift. In this article I will show you the basic tools and steps required for this fun project.

I have consulted the chef in my family and she tells me that the most common recipe card holder is made for 4x6" cards. Armed with this knowledge, I have compiled a list of items required to create photo recipe cards:

  • Digital photo of chef
  • Digital photo editing software capable of creating new images
  • Color inkjet printer
  • 4x6" blank cards compatible with inkjet printers (matte photo paper works as well)

If you already have a supply of glossy photo paper, you may be tempted to use them for this project. This would not be a good option because glossy paper is too slick to write on.

Here is a recipe card I made in about thirty minutes. I will refer to this sample as I walk you through the general steps. You need to be familiar enough with your editing software to interpret these steps into specific commands.

Custom recipe card with photo

  1. Select the digital photo that you will print on the card. You should do this step first because the photo may influence the design of the recipe card.
  2. Start your digital photo editing software. The remained of the steps are all performed within this software.

  3. If you do not have software capable of creating new images, consider purchasing Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0.

  4. Open the digital photo of the chef inside your editing software.
  5. Select and copy a small portion of the photo that you intend to put on the recipe card. Notice how I selected a narrow strip to leave plenty of space for writing the actual recipe.
  6. Create a new blank image with 4x6" proportions, set to a resolution of 300 ppi (pixels per inch). This image will become the recipe card.
  7. Paste the portion of the photo you copied into this new blank image.
  8. Move the image you just pasted to the desired section of the recipe card.
  9. If required, size the image to fit the recipe card, taking care not to distort the image.
  10. Add text to the recipe card to customize it with the recipient's name. On my card I added "From Allan's Kitchen" (or should that be "From Allan's Grill"?)
  11. Optionally, add lightly colored horizontal lines in the recipe text area, such as the blue lines in my example.

    Tip: In most digital photo editing software, you can force a line to be perfectly horizontal by holding down the Shift key as you draw the line.

  12. Place the 4x6" blank cards into your inkjet printer.
  13. Configure your software to use 4x6" cards as the paper type.
  14. Print the recipe card image.

I kept my recipe card design simple to make it easy to follow. Your design can be as complex as your imagination and skills allow. Enjoy making and giving this fun project!