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Digital Photo FAQ's & Tips: Photo Projects

This section of the web site is a collection of digital photo Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) and Tips.

How do I make a photo collage?

To create a photo collage, you need a digital photo editing software. The basic steps are:

  1. Create a new, blank image having the dimensions of the printed collage.
  2. Paste or otherwise import the individual pictures into the blank collage image.
  3. Size and position the individual pictures as desired.
  4. Save and print the finished collage image.

We offer the following free, step-by-step collage tutorials:

How do I create a fake photo?

To create a realistic fake photo, one must skillfully combine elements from two or more photos into a convincing final composition. The primary tool for creating a fake photo is the digital photo editing software. Using this software, portions of one photo are copied and pasted into another.

The actual steps vary with the editing software and the subject matter. For a detailed example, see Kids in Space.

How do I make a postcard on 4x6" photo paper?

Did you know that a quality 4x6" photo paper meets the requirements of a postcard? To create a postcard with your own photo, simply print the image on 4x6" photo paper at least 10 mil thick. Using a felt tip pen, draw a vertical line in the middle of the back side, write your message on the left, recipient address on the right, place a stamp in top right corner, and mail.

For more details and samples, see Create Custom Postcards.

How do I make 3D photos?

Making 3D stereoptic photos with a single digital camera is easy and fun. To create a 3D image, you need a pair of photos of the same scene, taken from slightly different horizontal angles to simulate the distance between your eyes. Then, present the two digital photos in reversed order and view by crossing your eyes.

An easy way to achieve the horizontal separation is by first resting your body's weight on one foot to take the first shot, then shifting your body's weight over the other foot for the second shot.

For detailed instructions and samples, please see our Making 3D Digital Photos article.