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Digital Photo FAQ's & Tips: Sharing Photos

This section of the web site is a collection of digital photo Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) and Tips.

Don't email photos—share them in a web album

Sharing digital photos by email has become easier with the assistance of various software packages that reduce the file size before sending. But, problems are still common with this sharing method when too many photos are sent in a single email, or the sender is unaware how to reduce the photos to manageable sizes. Common results are clogged email accounts and frustrated recipients.

A better method for sharing photos is to upload them into an online photo album and invite friends and family to view the album. This results in a much smaller invitation email and allows the recipient to view the photos at their convenience.

For additional information, please see Sharing Photos with Free Web Albums.

Overnight photo delivery at no cost

The new baby has arrived and you want to share photos with family right away. After getting the photo prints, you could ship them overnight, but that gets a bit expensive. Instead, upload your photos to retailers offering local pickup near family.

How does it work? Let's use Walgreens as an example. You upload the digital photos into your free Snapfish account, select local pickup as the delivery option, and choose a Walgreens near to the intended recipient. Repeat the ordering process for each recipient, selecting the appropriate Walgreens location each time. Then, notify the family that photos are waiting at the store for them.

For a list of retailers offering this service, see Photo Developing with Local Pickup.