Here at Flying Sam Photography our passion for capturing those special moments with friends, family, or while on holiday is what we love to do.

I was introduced to photography by my grandfather who was a professional photographer all his life. His main area of interest was Landscapes, Sports and Portraits. He had the amazing skill to capture those perfect moments which rubbed of on me and tort me so much about how to capture that perfect photo.

He tort me the basics at an early age, I was about 8 when my interest and passion for photography began. My 1st camera was a Canon WP1 35mm Point & Shoot. It was durable and rugged, I could even walk in the rain with it while my grandfather would guiding me on how to capture those special pictures.

I named it Flying Sam Photography because flying around the world to some of my favorite photography destinations, including New Zealand, Australia, France, and Italy just made sense.

A Little History

In 2015 I started writing about photography for a local magazine. The style of articles varied from landscape photography and my favorite sporting events to writing product reviews about cameras, lenses, scopes, lighting, and many more photography products.

5 years later I didn’t just write photojournalism for others I decided from the inspiration from my grandfather to created My main motivation was to express myself more and have an online presence to share the experiences I encountered over 3 decades.

More About Flying Sam Photography

Flying Sam Photography is for photography enthusiasts at all levels of their journey, from beginners to more advanced photographers. If you want to discuss, read, and learn more skills about photography you are in the right place.

Over the next 6 months, our main focus will be writing about photography tutorials and tips for beginners, photo editing, and product gear reviews. We believe from our combined years of experience we can find you the “best products to review”, so you don’t need to do hours and hours of research to find the best product that suits your needs.

I have 1 freelance photographer and writer that help me write and create around 3 to 6 articles a month. Ranging from everything about photography to the best product on the market.

We hope that Flying Sam Photography inspires you to discover a sense of wonder for the world we all love to explore and providing you the skills to help you snap your own amazing photos to share with your friends and family.

Our Mission

The main focus of is to share our knowledge for tips, inspiration, and ideas with photographers of all levels, to advise people that are interested in getting started in photograph to people already on their photography journey who are more advanced.

If you want to contact us we are only a message away. If you have any questions fell free to message us at or on our ‘Contact Us’ form here