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The best cameras for motorcycle helmets are designed to keep you safe when biking on busy roads and record your greatest adventures. These versatile cameras for motorcycles can be attached to your helmet and allow you to capture your latest excursion in Full HD or 4K resolution. (more details below) The best camera for a motorcycle enables you to share your latest hair-raising adventure on social media. It’s also useful for people who want extra insurance when traveling on busy roads.

The best part about riding a motorcycle is the feeling of freedom it gives you on the road. It can be hard to explain that feeling to someone who has never ridden a motorcycle or gone on a fascinating bike ride. Whether you want to share the thrills of riding a motorcycle with your followers or capture the majestic scenery you have ridden through on your travels, the best cameras for your motorcycle will let you do that. Even though you could explain your experience in words, there is no substitute for real video footage.

As video blogging becomes more popular on social media, many motorcycle enthusiasts and riders have become passionate about capturing exhilarating moments in video and sharing them with their friends or followers on social media after editing it or in real-time.

It can be challenging to identify which camera for motorcycle helmets will be suitable for you, and that’s why we have reviewed the best 4 cameras in this guide. No matter what features you are looking for, we have considered every potential factor to help you find the best camera. Read on below to discover the best motorcycle helmet cameras currently on the market.

What Should You Look for in the Best Cameras for Motorcycle Helmets?

As the name suggests, a motorcycle helmet camera is a camera you can place on your helmet and record your biking excursion. Since the camera will be attached to the helmet and will be on the ride with you, it needs to be sturdy, rugged, and overcome any shakiness. If you have never bought a motorcycle video camera before, you may not know what to look for, and we are here to help.

Our team has done the research for you so that you don’t have to be overwhelmed when searching for the best camera for your motorcycle. Here are some of the criteria that you should look for when searching for a motorcycle camera that can record your coolest motorcycle travels so that you can share your videos and brag about your riding experiences with your friends.

Criteria #1 – Ease of Use

There are numerous motorcycle helmet cameras in the market, but not all will be compatible with the way you ride. Therefore, it is best to choose a camera setup that suits your riding pattern and helmet shape. The easier a camera is to use, the better it will be for your motorcycle travels.

Criteria #2 – Video Quality

The video recordings of your riding excursions will be useless if the video quality isn’t of a good or high level. Several options in the market promise excellent functionality and video quality at affordable prices. However, you will rarely find crisp-quality videos from these cameras.

It is best to choose helmet cameras that come with a video resolution of 1080p or more. Most riders prefer cameras with 4K resolutions, as they guarantee that their videos will have stunning results.

Criteria#3 – Size and Form Factor

Your helmet camera’s size and form factor must be feasible, as you don’t want a bulky camera stuck to your helmet. They would look not only horrible but also add unwanted weight and will mess with the aerodynamics when you’re traveling at high speeds. Therefore, you must select a motorcycle helmet camera with a plush form factor and moderately sized.

Criteria#4 – Versatility

You want a helmet camera with several mounting options, as the more versatile it is, the better shots and videos you will manage to shoot and record. Always opt for cameras with more than one mounting option. They must have adhesives and clamps so that you have the freedom to mount the camera anywhere you want on your helmet.

Criteria #5 – Battery Life

There’s no point in getting a 4K resolution camera if it lacks decent battery life. You won’t have backup power on the road, which is why it is best to prefer motorcycle cameras that offer you at least 90 minutes of battery life. The longer the battery life, the better your chances of recording your biking excursions and capture stunning shots on your travels.

Criteria #6 – Durability

Durability is important when you are choosing a motorcycle helmet camera. You want a rugged camera that can withstand the forces of nature and long travels. Therefore, always choose a waterproof camera with a rugged casing, as you can attach it to the helmet and forget about it.

Criteria #7 – Sharing Options and Storage Limits

When recording in 4K resolution, you will need a lot of storage space, which is why it is best to choose a helmet camera that offers plenty of SD support. You never want to be in a situation where you run out of storage in the middle of a serene ride.

The digital world is evolving rapidly, and the best motorcycle cameras are coming out with wireless sharing options that let you instantly share your videos and images. Some cameras even offer live streaming options when you connect them to your smartphone.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Cameras for Motorcycles

The extensive range of options makes it complicated and complex to find the best camera for your motorcycle in 2021. However, it’s not impossible, and you want to find a helmet camera that offers you the best results when recording your journey and capture all the wildlife and nature. We know how complicated it can be to find the best camera for motorcycles, and that’s why we have reviewed the top options in the market today.

Our team researched articles, blog posts, and customer reviews all over the internet, which featured the best motorcycle helmet cameras to determine if our list compared favorably with them. Our goal is to ensure that our selection meets the criteria for every bike rider and adventure enthusiast looking for the best camera. So, without further ado, let’s dive into our list of the best motorcycle video cameras in the market today. Here are the top 4.

#1: SENA 10C EVO Motorcycle Helmet Camera (Best for Video)

The SENA 10C EVO Motorcycle Helmet Camera is our top choice as it is the best for video and communication. The helmet camera can capture video in up to 4K/30fps and take videos in time-lapse, shot, or burst modes. Thanks to the Smart Audio Mix, you will also have no problem narrating footage on the go, and there won’t be any need to do any follow-up auto-editing.

One of the best parts about the SENA EVO is its group intercom, which lets you communicate with up to three riders on the road. You can also pair the camera to your smartphone through Bluetooth connectivity and access features on the go. The compact and aerodynamic design of the camera is optimized for helmets as it will hug close to the outer shell. There is also a dedicated smartphone app that lets you customize the settings according to your needs.

Reason #1 to Choose this Product: One-of-a-Kind Motorcycle Hybrid Camera

The 10C EVO motorcycle camera combines an integrated 4K camera with SENA’s leading Bluetooth communications platform. This motorcycle helmet camera allows for easier video recording and rider communication on the go. You can use the group intercom to connect with up to three riders to converse with them on the road, and it works at a distance of 1-mile in open terrain.

You can even look back at your adventure easily by turning on the integrated action camera and record your surroundings. The Smart Audio Mix feature helps you capture all sounds and sights, including your conversation on the intercom. It’s the perfect helmet camera for motorcycles as it has video and audio capabilities in one unit.

Reason #2 to Choose this Product: Adjust Your Video and Stay Connected

You can use the SENA camera app and preview all the footage shot on your 10C EVO directly on your smartphone through the built-in Wi-Fi and also download files instantly. You can also fine-tune settings like video microphone gain, speaker sound recording, and video recording mode and resolution.

The SENA headset app, available on Apple and Android phones, allows users to access an interactive Quick Start Guide for assistance and configure communication settings. You can also adjust settings like prioritizing an audio source for your headset, turning on Audio Multi-tasking, and enabling Voice Prompts.

As we mentioned earlier, our best video camera for motorcycles has been featured on numerous lists of the best camera for motorcycles. When you look at its reviews, you know it is worth the price.

In our opinion, there is no better helmet camera than the SENA 10C EVO, which is why it takes the top spot on our list. So, if you’re looking for the best option on the motorcycle helmet camera market, go with the SENA 10C EVO camera today.

#2: SENA PT10 Prism Tube Motorcycle Camera for Helmets (Best for your Budget)

The SENA PT10 motorcycle action camera makes our list as the best motorcycle helmet camera if you’re on a budget. The best part is that you can easily capture and record your ride with the touch of a button with this helmet action camera. Users can record footage in 2K Quad HD quality, 1440:30fps, and get crisp and clear images and videos on the road. It has wind noise reduction that ensures the ambient noise doesn’t interfere with the captured audio.

You also get crystal clear voice recording from the dual internal and external microphones. Users may also hear voice prompts and feedback, which helps them get instant device updates. The sleek design of the PT10 camera comes with two mounting options that can be quickly attached to any motorcycle helmet.

The motorcycle camera boasts a 125-degree field of view and allows for spherical adjustments. It also provides a 360-degree lens rotation and a 25-degree camera tilt to capture a wide variety of shots on the road. That means you can shoot at virtually every angle while riding your motorcycle.

You can also preview the shots on your smartphone with the SENA camera app to ensure that you have the perfect setup for your ride. All of that makes the SENA PT10 one of the best budget motorcycle helmet cameras on the market.

#3: SENA 10C Pro Motorcycle Camera & Communication System (Best for HD Video)

The SENA 10C Pro Camera & Communication System makes it on our list as the best HD video camera for motorcycle helmets. The built-in Quad HD camera has a 16:9 resolution and a 135-degree field of view. You can also connect and communicate with up to three riders with the 4-way Bluetooth intercom. Users can also connect the 10C Pro to their smartphone via Bluetooth and take phone calls, listen to music, or hear GPS navigation.

The SENA Pro also offers voice prompts to inform the rider about the device’s status, like announcing when the memory is full or when the video is recording. You can also download the SENA Camera App to download files to your phone and preview your footage on your smartphone.

The 10C Pro has been created to capture your adventure. It combines a 2K camera with SENA’s proven Bluetooth communications platform to create a headset that can be taken on any adventure.

The QUAD HD camera can record up to 2K/30fps video quality and has an adjustable lens to capture the best view on any motorcycle helmet. The Smart Audio Mix helps combine the best of both as it mixes music and audio into the video, giving adventure seekers the perfect combination.

All that makes the SENA 10C Pro motorcycle camera system the perfect choice for bike riders as it has the best HD video camera to record your rides.

#4: VSYSTO Portable Helmet Camera (Best Night Vision Lens)

The VSYSTO Portable Helmet Camera for motorcycles has the best night vision lens. It can record while charging as it is equipped with a rechargeable battery that can support up to 2.5 hours of recording. There is also a waterproof charging port, so you can insert the USB cable into the main power unit to power it even when recording on rainy days.

The VSYSTO uses a Sony IMX335 (STARVIS) sensor that is excellent in the dark and comes with a 170-degree wide-angle glass lens with a high light transmittance beyond the human field of view. It helps reduce the ‘blackout’ in intense environments like tunnel entrances and backlight to create crystal clear footage.

The dash recorder is made of Amil alloy with excellent durability and a high texture. The best part is that it is IP64 waterproof and dustproof so that you won’t have any problems riding in a bit of rain. The camera also has emergency recording and loop recording features and has a one-button type that lets you record automatically. It can be installed conveniently and is easy to operate, as it comes with a handle and helmet mount.

It’s easy to understand, easy to take off and put on, doesn’t require any wiring, and is easy to operate, making it ideal for beginners. These features make the VSYSTO Portable Helmet Camera the best choice for bike riders who want to record at night or in rainy weather conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have some questions about the best camera for motorcycles, which is why we are sharing the most frequently asked questions. We are confident these questions will provide you with the necessary knowledge and information you need about motorcycle helmet cameras.

What is the Best Motorcycle Camera?

As the motorcycle helmet camera market continues to get diversified and matured, several options are available to people now. The best motorcycle camera for you would depend on how you want to use the camera, options for mounting it on your helmet permanently, whether you want a camera with the highest resolution, and your budget. All the action cameras we have reviewed above fill the criteria of any biker looking for the best motorcycle camera.

Are Motorcycle Helmet Cameras Illegal?

It’s a good question, but it depends on the state. For example, any object that protrudes more than 5mm from the helmet is illegal in California. However, there are few instances of this law ever being enforced on bikers and riders.

What’s the Best place to Mount a Camera on Your Motorcycle?

The ideal place to mount a camera on your motorcycle would be on the handlebar or the tank. That will ensure that both the rider and the road can be seen in the video. However, if you want to shoot a point-of-view, it’s best to mount a camera on your helmet.

Should I put a Camera on my Motorcycle for Safety?

The number one benefit of having a camera on your motorcycle is for personal safety. If you ever witness an accident or are in an accident, having the incident recorded can save you from a mountain of legal trouble. Bikers are often blamed for accidents whether they were at fault or not, and having footage of the incident protects you from any negligence or fault.

Can I have a Camera on my Helmet?

Mounting a camera on your helmet is becoming popular among motorcyclists and biking enthusiasts for a good reason. The documentation can be used for various reasons that generally benefit the user. You have nothing to worry about as long as you ensure that the camera is secured on your helmet properly.

How Does a Helmet Cam Work?

A motorcycle helmet camera is also called a micro video camera. It is an action camera, usually, a closed-circuit television camera, attached to a helmet allowing someone to make a visual recording from the user’s point of view while keeping their hands and vision free.

Verdict: Your Best Cameras for Motorcycle Helments

We believe that by now, you must have a good idea about the best camera for motorcycles in 2021. The options we have highlighted and reviewed here are all top-notch motorcycle helmet cameras and will meet your video and recording needs. However, if you can’t make up your mind and choose one option from our list shared above, we will list our top choices for you.

If you want the best video motorcycle helmet camera with amazing features, go with the SENA 10C EVO Motorcycle Helmet Camera. It features the only Bluetooth communication and camera recording system and offers excellent value for your money.

You can record in up to 4K/30fps video quality, enjoy group intercom with up to four riders, take photos in time-lapse, still shot, or burst mode. The camera has Wi-Fi integration and downloads footage and images straight to your smartphone. It also supports up to 128GB micro SD cards for all your recording needs on the road.

If you’re looking for the best budget motorcycle helmet camera, your best bet would be the SENA PT10 Action Camera. It helps you stay connected and in control on the road, and you can instantly capture and download every moment of your adventure. The camera features one-touch recording and has voice prompts that help you stay updated with your recordings.

For those looking for the best HD video motorcycle helmet camera, the best choice is the SENA 10C Pro. It can record up to 2K/30fps video quality and has a group intercom to connect with up to four riders on the road. The Smart Audio Mix can mix music and audio into the video, and it is Wi-Fi integrated so you can download footage straight to your smartphone. The camera also supports up to 64GB of micro SD storage for recording all your adventures.

We hope that this guide on the best camera for motorcycles has been educational and informative for you. Our goal is to make it easier for people to find a motorcycle helmet camera that fits their budgets and needs.

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