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It’s not that easy to find a good quality camera that fits your budget, but if you have $200 in your pocket, you could easily take home a high-quality Canon camera. Finding the perfect camera can be a complicated task, but it becomes easier if you know what you want and what features to consider. This guide has been created to share the best Canon cameras under $200 in today’s market.

Usually, you wouldn’t find high-quality cameras in this price range, but the ones we have researched and reviewed come with all the bells and whistles attached. Most people would attest to the fact that finding a Canon camera that costs under $200 is a steal. Still, you must compare the features and specifications of the cameras and keep your expectations realistic.

Don’t expect Canon cameras for under $200 to match the quality and resolution of a mirrorless camera or a DSLR that costs more than twice the price. Keeping that in mind, let’s dive into our list of the five best Canon cameras under $200 you can buy today. Or if your in a hurry jump straight to our #1 pick here.

What Should You Look for in a Canon Camera Under $200?

The best Canon cameras that are under $200 shouldn’t compromise on key features such as durability, portability, resolution, and image quality. Despite the affordable price range, it’s possible to find top-notch Canon cameras that let you record quality video and beautiful pictures without feeling cheap.

The Canon cameras we have featured in our list below don’t have the same features, but they are still high-quality options. The best advice we can give you is to think about how you will be using the camera and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will you be making full use of the optical zoom?
  • Do you want the camera to be as small as possible?
  • Will you use the auto mode or want to explore all the functions and modes?
  • Is video quality secondary or super important to you?

You won’t get the absolute best quality when looking for a Canon camera that’s under $200, but you can still find some decent cameras that are reliable and durable.

We know how difficult it can be to pick the perfect camera under $200 for yourself, especially if you have no prior experience and are buying your first camera. Therefore, we have shared a list of a few things you should look for when purchasing a Canon camera under $200. These include the following:

Criteria #1 – Image and Video Quality

This is the most critical factor you need to consider. All the features in your camera may be cool, but if the image quality isn’t satisfying, it won’t matter. The size of the sensor isn’t as important because you’re not buying a Canon camera under $200 to get professional quality picture results.

So, whether the image is 16 or 24 megapixels, it won’t make much difference if the camera has poor image and video quality.

Criteria #2 – Image Stabilization

Every brand has developed its unique stabilization system for its cameras, and Canon is no different. However, if you think that image stabilization means you won’t get blurry images, you will be disappointed. When you take pictures in low light, the camera requires longer exposure to get clear photos, and stabilization won’t resolve that problem. Nevertheless, you should look for this feature because image stabilization can help you take impressive pictures in low light.

Criteria #3 – Wireless Connectivity

Most people don’t consider this a make-or-break deal when looking for a Canon camera under $200. However, if you enjoy sharing your pictures on social media, you want a camera with decent NFC or Wi-Fi connectivity functions.

Criteria #4 – Multiple Lens

All Canon camera models come with built-in lenses, but the glass in front of them will differ. You want to look at lens distance and optical zoom specifications before buying a camera. Especially if you have planned to capture shots of your kid’s sporting events or wildlife, you would want a camera that offers you a lens to view at different distances.

Criteria #5 – Portability

Do you plan on taking your camera on vacation or to a soccer match? You should consider the potential uses and the size of the camera. Even though a super-zoom camera is the best choice for capturing stunning shots from a distance, you wouldn’t want to carry a heavy camera for long periods. Therefore, look at the portability of the camera.

Criteria #6 – Video Capabilities

If you have planned on recording videos from your camera, you should consider the recording quality. Videos recorded in 1080p high definition have the best clarity when you play them back, which is why you should look for cameras that can deliver superior video recording capabilities.

Here’s How We Determined the Best Canon Cameras Under $200

With so many decent options to choose from among cameras under $200, we completely understand how difficult it is to pick one. You would want to pick a camera that offers the best features and quality at this price range, and we have reviewed the best options. We measured the specs for the top cameras on the market and compared them with the options in our list.

Our team also searched for blog posts, customer reviews, and articles that featured the best Canon cameras under $200 to determine if the products on our list below stood up to the test. We ensured that these Canon cameras we picked would meet the criteria for every photographer looking for a top-notch camera that delivers high-quality image and video recording results at an affordable price.

So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into our lists of the best Canon cameras that cost under $200. We are confident that every model we have listed here will provide you with the best results on a budget. Here’s what you should know about them:

#1: Canon PowerShot ELPH 180 Digital Camera (Best Value All-Purpose)

The best value for you is the Canon PowerShot ELPH 180 digital camera. It is the ideal choice for people looking for high-resolution shooting in a portable and compact form factor. The convenient point-and-shoot camera features a DIGIC 4+ image processor and 20 megapixels 1/2.3-inch CCD sensor.

The processor and sensor offer high-quality stills for shooting, and you can also record HD 720p videos at 25 fps. An 8x optical zoom lens also covers telephoto and wide-angle perspectives that allow you to shoot comfortably in any location. The lens also benefits from the Digital IS that minimizes the camera shakiness and allows sharper handheld shooting.

The sleek design of this Canon camera is complimented with a 2.7-inch 230k-dot LCD that offers live view monitoring and image playback. There are plenty of shooting features available to adjust the image look creatively, select exposure settings intelligently, and learn about using the various shooting controls of the PowerShot ELPH 180 camera.

What We Love Best About This Camera

In our opinion, what makes the Canon PowerShot Digital Camera the best value all-purpose choice for Canon cameras under $200 is its Auto Zoom. It can be used for framing accuracy, maintaining consistent compositions, and sharp focus by zooming in or out automatically when shooting subjects at a distance.

You can also adjust the photograph looks creatively in-camera thanks to Scene Modes like Monochrome, Fisheye Effect, and Toy Camera Effect. Your power consumption is reduced intelligently with the ECO Mode, which helps extend shooting time by ensuring longer battery life. You won’t have to worry about selecting the proper camera settings for a shooting situation, as the Smart AUTO feature does that perfectly.

There is also a “HELP” Button that helps you familiarize yourself with the camera quickly by conveniently explaining the camera controls and settings.

#2: Canon PowerShot ELPH 190 Digital Camera (Best Overall Camera)

The best all-round camera is the convenient and sleek Canon PowerShot ELPH 190 IS Digital Camera. It features a DIGIC 4+ image processor and a 20 megapixel 1/2.3-inch CCD sensor, which combine to provide superior sensitivity and image quality to ISO 1600. You can also record HD 720p videos at 25 fps. A 10x optical zoom lens helps you work on various subjects, whether far or near, and the effects of camera shake are reduced by the intelligent IS image stabilization system. That allows you to capture sharper handheld photos.

You can review imagery and compose your shots thanks to the 2.7-inch 230k-dot LCD monitor, and transferring photos and movies wirelessly to your smartphone can be done with the built-in Wi-Fi and NFC. The camera also has a Smart AUTO mode that intelligently selects exposure settings. The ECO Mode helps save and prolong battery life. The Scene Modes can help you create different looks for your images. You can also use the dedicated Help Button to learn about more features and camera controls.

What We Liked Best About It

In our opinion, what makes the Canon PowerShot ELPH 190 Digital Camera, the best overall Canon camera under $200 is that it offers an extensive range of shooting modes. You can optimize the camera’s settings based on the specific type of scene you are shooting in, including Fireworks, Low Light, and Portrait modes. The built-in Wi-Fi and NFC allow you to share your photos wirelessly with smartphones and tablets, and the camera can be controlled remotely from your smartphone if you use the Camera Connect App.

The versatile 20x optical zoom lens provides you with an impressive focal length range of 24-240mm and smoothly covers telephoto to wide-angle perspectives. The impressive Intelligent IS image stabilization system helps minimize camera shake for video shooting and stills.

#3: Canon IXUS Digital Camera (Best Optical Sensor Resolution)

We have featured the Canon IXUS Camera on our list as it has the best optical sensor resolution. The camera features an 8x optical zoom lens, and it shoots videos in 720p HD resolution. It has a 20-megapixel 1/2.3-inch CCD sensor and a 2.7-inch LCD with a 230k-dot resolution that allows you to view images and compose your shots. It is the best budget camera for beginners as it has easy-to-use controls and plenty of useful modes to enhance the quality of your photos.

It only has a 100-1600 ISO range, which isn’t the best and means you may not get the best results when shooting in low-light conditions. However, the Auto Zoom feature is excellent as it automatically selects the best framing for shooting stills and videos. It’s a compact and pocketable ‘point-and-shoot’ camera with an Easy Auto mode designed to make it easy to use for beginners and has impressive 32 scene detection modes.

What Is It’s Best Feature?

One of the best features of the Canon IXUS 185 Camera is that it allows you to put date stamps on your photos and when you’re recording videos. It’s a feature that will appeal to young photographers, especially with the resurgence of film cameras. The camera also has a 210 shot battery life, which is more than enough for a good day of shooting stills. There is also a special slow synchro feature, and a red-eye reduction feature, which is handy when shooting stills and video.

The camera won’t win any awards for its design, but it’s still a decent look when you consider the price point it is available at. It fits nicely into the hand, and you can also use a wrist strap if you’re concerned about dropping the camera.

#4: Canon PowerShot ELPH 160 Camera (Best for Budget)

If you’re looking for the best budget camera, the Canon PowerShot ELPH 160 has to be a top contender. Thanks to its 8x optical zoom lens and a 20-megapixel 1/2.3-inch CCD sensor, the digital camera can deliver stunning imaging capabilities. One of the best things about the PowerShot ELPH 160 is that it can smoothly record videos in 720p HD resolution. It has a dedicated movie button that does all the hard work required for capturing and recording videos.

You can also use the Smart AUTO mode designed to make it easier for beginners to shoot stills and images. There is no need to worry about the battery dying as the ECO mode helps preserve and prolong battery life. The camera doesn’t have optical image stabilization, but it is a minor sacrifice when you compare the price point it is available at.

One of the best things about the Canon PowerShot ELPH 160 is that it is ultra-compact, and you can carry it everywhere easily. It has an ISO range from 100-1600, and that means shooting in low-light conditions won’t get you the best results. There isn’t an integrated Wi-Fi or NPS, but it’s a solid camera that feels great in hand, and you can shoot in multiple Scene modes.

You can manually adjust the settings, including exposure compensation, ISO, metering pattern, and white balance. If you’re unsure how these functions work, you can rely on the HELP menu that will guide you on how best to use the camera. A 2.7-inch LCD panel with a 230-k dot resolution also helps you compose your shots and view images.

#5: Canon SX530 Camera (Best Optical Zoom)

Canon digital camera with optical zoom

The Canon PowerShot SX530 Camera features on our list as it has the best optical zoom. It has a 50x zoom lens in a compact body and offers better image quality than your smartphone, especially if you’re shooting in low-light conditions. The camera has a comfortable grip, shoots solid photos, and handles well. It is incredibly lightweight and portable, and its built-in Wi-Fi functionality allows you to share photos with your smartphone or tablet easily.

The 16-megapixel digital camera combined with its powerful lens is perfect for photographers who are hiking, traveling, and going on vacation. The best part about the PowerShot SX530 is that it offers a wide range of shooting modes, such as Fish-Eye, Scene, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, Auto, Program, and Manual. It has a 3-inch LCD screen that is perfect for viewing photos and composing shots.

One of the best things about the Canon PowerShot SX530 Digital Camera is that it shoots full HD videos at 1080p with 30 frames per second. The 24-1200mm equivalent zoom range is where the camera truly shines, as that puts it above other cameras and smartphones at this price point. The wide lens allows you to shoot landscape shots and can capture details from far away.

It has impressive image stabilization, and the built-in flash is helpful when shooting in low-light conditions. Even indoor photos will come out well when you are using this camera. The Intelligent IS optical image stabilization technology helps the camera find the correct setting whenever you’re shooting, so your photos always come out great.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have some questions regarding the best Canon cameras under $200. Buying a quality camera on a budget isn’t easy, and that is why we have prepared a list of some FAQs related to Canon cameras that cost under $200. This way, you will know everything necessary about cameras before you purchase one.

How Important is Resolution?

The resolution of your camera is the overall measure of the number of pixels it takes to make an image. It is an excellent indicator of image clarity and sharpness and will depend mainly on what you’re shooting. Image resolution isn’t a big concern for amateur photographers. Still, if you’re a professional looking to capture stunning footage to wow your clients, focusing on high-resolution cameras is important.

What Features Should I Look for in a Canon Camera Under $200?

The features you should look for depend mainly on how you plan to use the camera and for what purpose. Most photographers would benefit from a camera with top-notch zoom functionality, a large and clear viewfinder to preview the action, and the option to manually control focus, balance, and exposure of their shots.

Should I Choose Digital Zoom or Optical Zoom?

When deciding between both, the optical zoom is what matters the most. That’s because the optical zoom is used for magnifying the picture and ensures the image quality and resolution remain intact. You modify the lens’s focal length to get the optical zoom.

In digital zoom, everything is digital, and the lens movement doesn’t matter. The image is cropped to create an artificial zoom, and that reduces the image quality and resolution.

Why Should I Choose a Canon Camera instead of Another Brand?

Even though there is growing competition in the camera field, Canon is one of the few brands with an established pedigree. The brand has continued to deliver high-end and reliable cameras supported by excellent customer service and generous warranties. So, if you’re looking for a quality camera on a budget, Canon is a great option.

Conclusion: Your Best Canon Cameras Under $200

If you have read our review to this point, we hope that you have a better idea about which are the best Canon cameras on a budget available today. Of course, you won’t find exceptional Canon cameras for under $200, but we believe the ones we reviewed are all excellent cameras that will meet your needs. Some professional photographers claim that the camera doesn’t count for much when trying to take high-quality images, but how you use the camera will help deliver the best results.

There are plenty of fantastic Canon cameras under $200, but we picked the best ones that would meet all the requirements for beginners looking for lower-priced cameras.

If you asked us to choose one among our choices, we would go for the Canon PowerShot ELPH 180 or the Canon PowerShot ELPH 190. They are excellent Cameras at this price range and compact and portable enough to be taken on vacation and hiking or camping trips.

We hope that this guide on the best Canon cameras under $200 has been informative, educational, and helpful and has made it easier for you to find the camera of your dreams.

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