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There are no specific hunting video cameras on the market and never have been. Hunting experts will tell you, they use hi-tech Camcorders to film their hunts. They use the best camcorders to get the best results on their hunting expeditions.

Everyone has different motivations for hunting but what’s most important to hunters is preserving the memory of the hunt. No matter how you record the experience, the aim is to relive the hunt and keep it fresh in your memory or share it with others.

With the evolution of technology and digital photography, most hunters today prefer recording their hunts through camcorders to watch the video of their hunt. When done properly, hunters can now record the entire experience, feeling, and emotions of the hunt.

Recording your hunting process is perfectly normal as you can review your hunting skills and share special memories and moments of your hunt with your friends or other hunters. However, not all cameras are capable of filming long-range or solo hunts, which is why you must know the specifics of the best hunting video cameras (Camcorders). Most hunters prefer camcorders as they are better at recording and meeting their needs and preferences.

To help you pick the best camera for filming your hunts, we have reviewed the best options in the market. Keep reading, and you will find the best value camcorders for hunting, the best budget camera for hunting, the best all-purpose camera for hunting, and the best premium video camera for hunting, and more. Or jump straight to our number one pick here.

What Should You Look for in the Best Hunting Video Cameras? (Camcorders)

Hunts are generally exciting and you want to record everything you experience in the heat of the moment. That’s why you need the best camera for filming hunts, and if you’re shopping for one in the market, you have come to the right place. Most people think that they can film and record their hunt with any camera, and you can, but if you want to take things up a notch, you must look for cameras that have specific features.

There are some selection criteria that every camera must-have for filming hunts, and we have shared them below for your information. We believe that by looking for the following things you should have no problems in finding the best camera for filming hunts.

Criteria #1: Video Quality

You would generally want a camera that can record at 1080p resolution to get clear hunting footage. However, if you want more fluid or natural shots, you also need to look at the FPS. A higher frame per second or FPS number means you can use different features like slow-motion when recording your hunt. Other variables such as the lens type, zoom capability, and camera sensor also impact the overall video quality of the camera.

Criteria #2: Storage

Depending on the video quality and format, you’ll want to choose a camera that offers you a large memory capacity. It’s not a major deal-breaker as you can use an SD card with a bigger capacity to store all your high-quality resolution videos.

Criteria#3 – Battery Life

As you will be spending a lot of time outdoors during your hunt, you want a camera that has plenty of battery life. You don’t want your camera/camcorder to shut down because you have no battery left before your hunt is complete. Outdoor activities like hunting need a more reliable and longer battery life, which is why it is best to consider a camera with decent battery life for filming your hunts.

Here’s How We Determined the Best Hunting Video Cameras

If you don’t want to scroll endlessly through the list of options that you are bombarded with the moment you enter “Best camera for filming hunts” in the search bar, we have made your life easier. Our team extensively researched various cameras and compiled a list of only the best options. We know that while hunting you want a specific camera that is easy to use and carry at the same time.

The options shared below have been reviewed thoroughly and taken on hunts, so you know that you will be getting the best of the best. Our team ensured that these cameras met the criteria and ticked all the boxes for hunters who want to film or record their hunts in high-quality video resolutions. Here are our reviews:

#1: Canon VIXIA R800 Video Camera Camcorder (Best Value)

The Canon VIXIA R800 is a compact and capable camera that can shoot in any environment. Whether you’re recording your hunts, events, or home videos, the advanced 57x zoom allows you to get close-up shots from even the back of a stadium or an auditorium.

The camcorder has a Super Range O.I.S system, which keeps the images stable focal lengths that are longer. You can record HD videos separately and store them in MP4 format in SD cards so they can be played back easily on any device. The Vixia camcorder has also introduced the Highlight Priority model, which uses backlight correction to provide you with vibrant images.

All video signals incoming will be analyzed by backlight correction so that subjects are clearly recognized in the frame. The subject will be exposed so that you don’t have a background that is overexposed.

Reason #1 for Choosing this Product: 3.28MP Full HD CMOS Image Sensor

The Canon VIXIA HF R800 has an image sensor from CMOS with 3.28MP Full HD that can capture videos in 1920 x 1080 resolution. The HD CMOS from Canon is a high-resolution sensor that is extra sensitive and delivers Full HD lifelike videos in low lighting with natural colors. The noise is reduced and you get clear images in every frame, ensuring that your videos and photos are vivid and clear no matter where you play them.

Reason #2 for Choosing this Product: Powerful 57x Advanced Zoom

The advanced 57x zoom has an impressive range, so you won’t have any trouble recording your hunts from a distance. You can easily use a dynamic variety to shoot videos, and you can set the camera at a distance so there won’t be any disruptions during the action. You can use the advanced zoom in any lighting conditions or event, which includes formal ceremonies, shooting animals in the backcountry, and even family events.

You can use manual mode to access the advanced zoom, which is more efficient and takes less time to set up. The focal length of the camcorder is also between 32.5mm to 35mm, which offers you great flexibility to shoot from different angles. The camcorder also has variable settings for zoom speeds with 15 variable speeds and three fixed speeds for zoom. That allows you to have better control over the camera and can record videos conveniently.

#2: Panasonic HC-V770 Video Camera Camcorder (Best All-Purpose)

The Panasonic HC-V770 camera for filming hunts can be paired with your mobile device and record from two different camera angles. You will get a primary Full HD image from the sensor of the HC-V770 K and the second image shot in picture-in-picture from the camera of your phone.

The HC-V770K camcorder from Panasonic has a zoom lens with a 20x range and a focal length range from 29.5mm to 612mm. You will get telephoto images when zooming in, and wide-angle photos when zooming out. You can also record slow-motion videos at 120 fps in Full HD and bring the frame rate to 240 fps by performing interpolation in the camera.

Panasonic has used an optical zoom lens from Leica Dicomar with a 20x range and four different groups of optics with an f/1.8 maximum aperture in their lens design. The HC-V770 has HYBRID O.I.S + from Panasonic, which ensures image vibration is minimized and you get steadier videos during handheld shooting. It also combines digital and optical image stabilization with 5-axis correction.

The settings can be adjusted, so you can find an appropriate mode for stabilizing your videos. All that makes the Panasonic HC-V770K Full HD Camcorder the best all-purpose camera for filming hunts.

#3: Panasonic HC 4K Ultra HD Camcorder (Best Premium Video)

The Panasonic HC with 4K Ultra HD is the best premium video camera for hunting. It combines 4K editing and cropping tools in-camera with 4K recording in Ultra HD providing users a simple but powerful operation, while capturing high-quality Full HD and 4K UHD videos. The 4K Ultra HD camcorder has been loaded with cutting-edge features, which includes the HDR Mode that retains more shadow and highlight information in recorded video.

The Wireless Multicamera function helps uses record and add two video feeds of picture-in-picture from their phones with a Wi-Fi connection. That allows you to capture multiple viewpoints and angles, so you can simultaneously record unique videos. The HC-VX981K camcorder also has a backside-illuminated (BSI) 1/2.3-inch MOS sensor that has an effective resolution of 8.29MP. It also has a 4K image processer from Crystal Engine that supports 1080p videos at 60 fps and 4K UHD videos at 24/30 fps.

The camcorder also takes interpolated images for stills at 25.9MP and allows you to use 4K Photo Mode for extracting these stills from the 4K video frames directly. There are also editing tools for 4K videos enabling you to stabilize, track, pan, zoom, and crop 4K videos in-camera, while edited videos are saved in a resolution of 1080p.

There is also a lens from Leica Dicomar that offers an optical zoom of 20x range with a 35mm focal length, which is equal to 30.8mm when using wide-angle. The intelligent zoom has a zoom range of 25x for 4K videos and a 40x range for Full HD videos. Excessive vibration in images is reduced by the HYBRID O.I.S + from Panasonic, which ensures steadier recordings for handheld shooting.

It comes with digital and optical image stabilization technology along with 5-axis correction. You can get more stable, level, and clearer videos during handheld shooting with the Level Shot function from Panasonic.

#4: Sony HD Video Recording Handycam (Best for Budget)

video camera for filming your hunting adventures

The Sony HD Handycam comes with a CMOS sensor from EXMOR R and has a Carl Zeiss wide-angle zoom lens that has an optical zoom of 30x range. The handycam can easily capture videos at 60 fps in 1920 x 1080, i.e., Full HD and can capture still images at 9.2 MP, while there are optional microSD media cards and memory micro sticks.

The sensor used in the HDR-CX405 has been developed to provide enhanced low light sensitivity in any environment, which is aided by the Intelligent Active Mode and image stabilization system of Optical SteadyShot for smoother videos. Users can playback and monitor videos on the 230K-dot resolution 2.7-inch LCD display as well.

The camera uses XAVC S codec at 50 M/S to record and has dual recording features, meaning you can capture web-optimized MP4 and high-quality AVCHD files at the same time. Your shots will be analyzed by the Intelligent Auto mode, which will select the best settings automatically from 10 different modes, that have more than 60 combinations.

You can connect the camera to your laptop for transferring files or charging. It can also be charged with an X-type battery pack and is useful when you’re hunting in the backcountry without any power. All these features make the Sony HDR-CX405 HD one of the best budget Handycam cameras for filming hunts.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a hunting and filming enthusiast, you are bound to have some questions related to the best camera for filming hunts. We have come across various questions that are frequently asked by people who go on hunts and record them. Hopefully, you will find your answer here.

How Do I Hide My Camera During Hunts?

If you’re using a large camera, it’s best to use a blending-in mechanism so that your camera can blend in the forest greens. You’ll need to get a camouflage skin or case, which are readily available in the market.

What Type of Cameras Are Convenient for Hunting?

There are plenty of excellent cameras with excellent video quality and super-wide angle lenses. However, camcorders are preferred by most people for filming hunts as they can fit anywhere and are convenient.

Can I Film My Hunting Adventures?

Yes, you can. All you need to do is mount the camera to view and record the action going on. You can also mount a smaller camera on your head for a different perspective.

Verdict: Your Best Hunting Video Cameras

We stand by our list of options reviewed above and believe that you won’t find better-quality cameras to take with you on your hunts. However, if you still pressed us to give you our top three picks, we have given them below, along with some short descriptions explaining our reasoning.

If you’re looking for a video camera that offers you the best value for hunting, go with the Canon VIXIA.

The compact camera is extremely capable when shooting in outdoor environments. The advanced 57x zoom is exceptional and will let you get close-up shots of the action. You can also use the camera for filming home videos, events, and recitals.

If you want the best all-purpose camera for filming your hunts, get the Panasonic HC-V770.

The camera has an excellent equivalent focal length of 29.5 to 612mm and its optical lens has a 20x zoom range, allowing you to get wide-angle shots when you zoom out. The camera can also record videos in slow motion at 120 frames per second in Full HD, and you can bring the frame rate to 240 frames per second with in-camera interpolation.

If you’re searching for a camera that is budget-friendly, go with the Sony HDR-HD Handycam.

The camera features a Carl Zeiss wide-angle zoom lens and a CMOS Exmor R sensor with an optical 30x zoom range. You won’t find a better camera for recording your hunts because it has a 9.2 MP for still images and can capture video in Full HD 1920 x 1080 at 60 frames per second. There are also microSD media cards and a memory stick as well.

You should always record and film your hunts so that you can learn from them. Sometimes you can make mistakes and scare your prey away, but when you have the best camera for filming your hunts, you can play it back, and relive the entire scene. It’s the next best thing to going hunting again.

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