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If you own a Nikon camera, you have a reliable and capable device at your fingertips. They are a trusted brand in the photography world that has spent years designing and making quality cameras. Even though a camera can capture great images on its own, having access to various accessories can truly improve your skills and allow you to adapt to your working environment.

A lens is one such device because it’s a must-have if you want to take your photography to the next level. Yongnuo is a Chinese company renowned for manufacturing camera lenses. They are the largest photography equipment manufacturer and are an industry leader with more than 11 million sold worldwide.

bird on branch taken using Yongnuo lens for Nikon Camera

Yongnuo Nikon lenses come in various focal lengths and are covered by a “No-Risk Warranty,” allowing you to purchase lenses with confidence without worrying about product quality. Yongnuo lenses are extremely reliable and don’t produce faults or break easily. This article will look specifically at the best Yongnuo Nikon lenses and analyze why they are so great. Or you can jump straight to our #1 one pick here.

What Should You Look for in Yongnuo Nikon Lenses?

Yongnuo Nikon lenses are known for their durability and reliability, meaning you can trust these lenses without hesitation. If you’re in the market for high-quality lenses, Yongnuo is the best choice. The compatibility of Yongnuo Nikon lenses is their biggest benefit, ensuring that you can easily use them on your Nikon camera.

Even with so many Yongnuo Nikon lenses around, you will struggle to find one that is right for you. We are here to help you out with that by highlighting the key criteria you should look for when purchasing lenses from Yongnuo Nikon. These are as follows:

Criteria #1: Prime or Zoom Lens?

When researching Yongnuo lenses for your camera, you will come across these terminologies. There has been an ongoing debate about which is better out of the two, but it depends on personal preference. Zoom lenses cover a range of focal lengths and are versatile. However, prime lenses have less distortion and offer excellent performance in low lighting conditions.

Youngnuo Nikon lenses

Criteria #2: Image Stabilization and Vibration Reduction

Image stabilization and vibration reduction help in producing sharp, crisp images. Therefore, they are important features to have in any Yongnuo lens for your Nikon camera. Furthermore, if your camera is equipped with good auto-focus, you will never have to experience the frustration of taking shaky pictures.

Criteria #3: How it Performs in Low Light Conditions

It’s important to check the aperture of the product, which is a measure of how much light will enter through the lens. That will give better insight into whether the product will work in diverse lighting conditions, such as late at night or on a bright sunny day.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Yongnuo Nikon Lenses:

Yongnuo lenses are some of the best you will ever get your hands on when recording videos or taking scenic photographic shots. There are multiple lenses that can claim to be the best Yongnuo Nikon lenses but many don’t deliver on their promises. We have removed all sentiment aside and filtered through the options to provide you with insightful and accurate reviews for the best options in the market.

You can trust our reviews because we have tested these Yongnuo Nikon lenses and have ensured that you don’t have to worry about anything. Our team went through the entire list and ensured that they will be perfect for shooting or recording any photography style. So, here are our reviews.

#1: Yongnuo 50mm f/1.4 Lens for Nikon Cameras (Best Versatile Normal-Length)

The Nikon F-mount Yongnuo 50mm is the best all-purpose lens characterized by its bright design. It’s a versatile length lens well-suited for various applications, ranging from street photography to portraiture. Its fast f/1.4 maximum aperture benefits working in low light conditions and affords increased control over the depth of field for working with selective focus techniques.

The lens’s optical design incorporates four ultra-high refractive index elements, which minimize distortion and spherical aberrations to produce a high degree of clarity and sharpness. A multi-layer coating has also been applied to control ghosting and flare for increased color accuracy and contrast. A DC motor provides precise and fast autofocus performance, while a dedicated AF/MF switch permits quick changing between focus modes.

child sitting taken using Yongnuo lenses for Nikon camera

Reason #1: Bright f/1.4 Maximum Aperture

The Yongnuo 50mm lens for Nikon camera boasts a bright f/1.4 maximum aperture that excels in low light conditions and offers greater control over depth of field for using selective focus techniques and isolating subjects.

Reason #2: Four Ultra-High Refractive Index Elements

This Yongnuo Nikon lens has four ultra-high refractive index elements that reduce distortion and spherical aberrations to achieve a high degree of clarity, sharpness, and accurate rendering.

#2: Yongnuo 35mm Lens for Nikon (Best Wide-Angle Prime)

The Yongnuo 35mm lens is designed for Nikon F-mount DSLRs. It has paired the popular focal length of 35mm with an f/2 bright maximum aperture, suitable for working in any environment. The glass elements are multi-coated glass and help in reducing ghosting and lens flare effects for maintaining color accuracy and greater contrast.

The auto and manual focus switch is located barrel of the lens, enabling you to switch quickly between your desired focusing method. The lens can focus up to 9.8-inches and is excellent for shooting subjects up-close. A lightweight and compact design, the lens has a secure and durable connection thanks to its lens mount, which is a metal bayonet.

phot of flower using Yongnuo lens for Nikon camera

The contacts are gold-plated and can work with all models of exposure and transfer information to EXIF data from the lens. Its construction is tried and tested, and its design enhances for control ensure that this will be the perfect lens for shooting while walking around every day.

#3: Yongnuo 85mm Lens for Nikon Cameras (Best Short Telephoto)

The Yongnuo 85mm lens is a short telephoto prime lens and is excellent for shooting portraits. It’s a prime lens that has been designed for F-mount Nikon cameras. The long focal length pairs well with the f/1.8 bright maximum aperture, delivering exceptional performance in low-light environments and affording fantastic depth of field control when using selective control for focus.

The barrel of the lens has an auto and manual focus switch that lets you switch quickly between your desired focus method. The lens can focus on objects that are 2.8-inches close and is meant for close-up photography. In addition, the contacts are gold-plated and allow you to transfer information to the EXIF data from the lens. It can also work with all models of exposure.

#4: Yongnuo 100mm Lens for Nikon DSLR Cameras (Best Large Aperture)

Yongnuo lens for dslr Nikon camera

The Yongnuo 100mm lens for Nikon DSLR cameras is the best large-aperture lens. On APS-C cameras, the 100mm focal length is equal to 160mm ensuring you can use the effect of perspective compression and zoom in easily.

The F/2 large and bright aperture helps in blurring out backgrounds and highlighting the subjects. The lens also supports manual and autofocus, allowing you to switch your preferred focus mode depending on your shooting needs.

The metal mount is chrome-plated and offers high-precision. It is also corrosion-resistant, wearable, and durable. The lens is also equipped with an indicator for focusing distance, making it convenient to judge the depth of field and distances to objects. It supports multiple shooting modes, while the metal contacts have gold-plating that increases corrosion resistance and signal conductivity effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone has questions when it comes to purchasing lenses and we are here to answer those questions for you. The best Yongnuo Nikon lenses will make life easier for you, but finding them is the hard part. We have searched the internet and found questions that have been asked frequently by people who were interested in purchasing Yongnuo Nikon lenses. Here are their answers.

What Should I Know About Yongnuo Lenses?

Yongnuo lenses are quite affordable and provide you with decent quality. You should know that Yongnuo also provides lens extenders and converters. It’s an affordable way to extend your focal length without buying an expensive zoom lens.

What is a Prime Lens in Photography?

Prime lenses in photography and film are photographic lenses with fixed focal lengths, which are the complete opposite of zoom lenses. They generally have an f/2.8 to f/1.2 maximum aperture, and the main lens in a combined lens system may also be called a prime lens.

What is Shutter Speed?

Shutter speed is expressed in units of time: fractions of a second or several seconds. A higher or faster shutter speed allows less light to hit the camera sensor or film strip if you’re using an analog camera. Conversely, a low or slower shutter speed allows more light to pass into your camera.

Verdict: Your Best Yongnuo Nikon Lenses

We want to ensure that you get the most complete information, which allows you to make an educated decision and help you purchase the best Yongnuo Nikon lenses for your camera. Therefore, here are our top three picks.

If you’re looking for the best all-purpose Yongnuo lens for your Nikon camera, go with the Yongnuo 50mm.

This versatile lens is excellent for use in different environments, and you can get incredible results whether you’re doing portraiture or street photography. It has a maximum aperture that is incredibly fast at f/1.4 and helps you shoot in low-light environments. You also get excellent control with focus and depth of field.

If you want the best wide-angle prime Yongnuo Nikon lens, get the Yongnuo 35mm Lens.

This lens has a maximum aperture that is bright at f/2 and a focal length of 35mm, allowing you to shoot in virtually any environment. The glass elements are multi-coated and help in reducing ghosting and lens flare while ensuring your images have better contrast and excellent color accuracy.

If you need the best short telephoto Yongnuo lens for your Nikon camera, go with the Yongnuo 85mm Lens.

This lens combines a maximum aperture of f/1.8 with a focal length that is longer than normal. That makes it the ideal lens for working in conditions with low light. You also get focus control and excellent control over the depth of field as well.

Yongnuo is a brand that never disappoints, and if you’re searching for the best Yongnuo Nikon lenses, you are sure to find one that is a winner on our list. We hope that we have aided you by making it easier to find the best Yongnuo lenses for Nikon cameras.

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